Success Stories & Testimonials

As each edition, eventually, comes to an end, our alumni share their experience and afterthoughts.

  • "It's not the kind of event where you get bored listening to uncharismatic speakers, scrolling through your phone to pass the time."

    Carp Ionut
    participant 2018
  • Triliada is a start-up that aims to connect high school students with university students to provide them with valuable insights and guidance when choosing their future academic path. They do this through mentorship sessions, events with different students, vocational questionnaires and summarized information about universities.

    The week I spent at #defineSchool was incredible. Not only did I make new connections with wonderful individuals, but it also boosted my motivation.
    Oana Durcau
    Co-founder & CEO, participant 2019

    Nutriento is a company that goes beyond mere food; it is dedicated to nourishing and energizing your body with the right resources, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

    At Nutriento, they envision a world where leading a healthy lifestyle is the standard, and they are committed to making that vision a reality.

    #defineSchool was an essential experience in my evolution as an entrepreneur, providing me with the knowledge, inspiration, and connections necessary to develop my vision and entrepreneurial skills.
    I wholeheartedly recommend #defineSchool because it offers a unique platform for learning and development, preparing the future leaders.
    Virgil Ciobota
    Co-founder Nutriento, participant 2018

    Your Performance Lab is an innovative startup leveraging AI to harness personalized data from an array of devices including smartwatches, trackers, and medical devices. By using its Buddy AI, YPL delivers insightful health metrics and tailored fitness and diet plans, optimizing health, performance, vibrancy, and longevity

    The platform doesn’t just connect multiple devices — it brings together and makes sense of all their data. As users’ lives evolve, so does the YPL ecosystem, helping reduce illness risk and improve quality of life.

    #defineSchool – the core of initiation into the world of startups. It has exponentially enhanced and refined my knowledge and perspective, ultimately fueling the desire and motivation to create something unique.
    Alex Bodea
    Co-founder & CTO, participant 2018
  • "I was blown away by how much I learned, surpassing all my expectations."

    Camelia Crisan
    participant 2020
  • "It's a game-changer!"

    Gabi Tanul
    participant 2022
  • "#defineSchool is the coolest place for networking because it brings together young individuals passionate about starting an IT business."

    Adelina Andronache
    participant 2020
  • "I've always had ideas, but I didn't know how to bring them to life. However, attending #defineSchool completely changed my perspective on them."

    Eliza Botea
    participant 2022
  • Ideafy is a startup whose mission is to empower NGOs with the resources they need to create a positive impact while enabling companies to make a difference in their communities. Ideafy offers a user-friendly platform that connects organizations with companies eager to provide financial support, surplus products, employee volunteering, and more.

    #defineSchool was the perfect boost for Ideafy, helping build the foundation for this idea that proved its potential time after time
    Denisa Filip
    Co-founder, participant 2022
    #defineSchool bootcamp was one of the main catalysts that turned an idea into a validated product, ready to have a positive impact.
    Răzvan Giurgiu
    Co-founder, participant 2021
    #defineSchool is the gateway to the entrepreneurial world by putting the basis to your entrepreneurial thinking
    Andrei Csatlos
    Co-founder, participant 2022
  • "The thing I appreciated the most and still do was the PEOPLE. Everyone was very, very cool!"

    Tudor Tise
    Rito Kids
    participant 2021
  • Rito Kids is an application designed to enhance children’s self-improvement while providing them with an enjoyable and joyful experience. The team’s primary objective is to facilitate accelerated handwriting learning for children using innovative technology. Powered by artificial intelligence, Rito Kids offers real-time feedback to children, assisting them in refining their handwriting skills.

    #defineSchool is a great place where you can spend a few days with people that have similar passions for technology and entrepreneurship.
    Tudor Tișe
    Co-founder, participant 2021

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