Frequently Asked Questions

Is the accommodation included in the participation fee?

Yes, the accommodation is included in the participation fee, as well as the food, transport from Cluj if needed, activities and other surprises.

Are any skills required in order to be accepted?

We are looking for eager young people who want to outdo themselves and they are willing to learn more.

What if I cannot attend the program in a day?

You invest time and energy so we strongly recommend you to participate in the entire program to get the most out of this experience.

What happens if I don't follow the schedule?

The schedule is designed to give you a unique experience every day during the event. Working together is one of the most important part, so how can we be happy when someone is missing? It’s up to you! Do you want to fully exploit this opportunity or not?

Can I talk to the speaker after the session?

Yes, you can talk with the speakers after sessions, and depending on their availability you will have the chance to ask for their advice.

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