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    Success Stories

#defineSchool first took place in 2015 and was created because at that time, there was no other accessible, out of the ordinary school for future tech entrepreneurs in Romania.


To create a more inclusive and opportunity-rich tech entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Tie together two groups: young people who want to learn how to build their own businesses but don’t currently have access to funding or mentors; and experienced entrepreneurs who have built companies before and want to give back

Awesome Team

Read about the amazing people behind #defineSchool. Thanks to each and every one of them, we now celebrate 10 years of startups, community, entrepreneurship, education and many more! 👏

  • Cristin Iosif


    My passion for technology and sharing knowledge has become my trademark. I am deeply committed to education and supporting the local startup scene while also building my own company and creating a cozy work environment. I'm always there to help others gain valuable knowledge and precious skills!

  • Tudor Ogner


    Armed with a passion for driving meaningful transformation, my impact resonates deeply within the community, where I advocate for the essential role of young voices in decision-making processes at the community level. My belief in the power of youth engagement as a vehicle for positive change has guided my work through the years.

  • Daria Dorog

    Project manager

    Besides coding, I love being able to give back to the community through my skills and perspective, always aiming for that sweet balance between work and personal life. Juggling a focus on people's development and a drive for results, I believe it's not about reaching some lofty goals; but embracing the journey, enjoying the process, and striving to be the best version of myself.

  • Carmen Homescu


    With a tech background and experience in marketing and HR, I bring a multifaceted approach to project management. From my early days as a research assistant to my current role as an Agile Delivery Lead and Project Manager, my focus has always been on enabling teams to achieve their best.

  • Madalina Kasler

    Project manager #defineStories

    As a Model Based Software Engineer, I merge passion with expertise. I thrive on teamwork and organization, honed through academic and industry experiences. Beyond work, I enjoy Formula 1 racing and crafting the perfect cup of coffee. I also cherish time spent with others, enjoying the camaraderie and connections found in social gatherings.

  • Sergiu Căstrase

    Social media & marketing coordinator

    As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I specialize in driving business growth through targeted online campaigns and developing comprehensive marketing strategies and brand identities.

  • Oana Durcău

    PR and community advisor

    I’m an engineering grad passionate about empowering young tech entrepreneurs. I specialize in project management, team coordination, and streamlining processes through automation and digitalization. Known for my innovative problem-solving, I thrive in roles that blend technical skills with a knack for engaging and inspiring teams.

  • Răzvan Giurgiu

    PR and community advisor

    Hi there 👋, I am Razvan, an engineer who enjoys connecting the dots, be it ideas from different disciplines, people from different teams, or applications from different industries. Over the years, I've blended my engineering background with software development and a sprinkle of project management. Always eager to meet passionate and visionary people and build cool stuff.

  • Nicolae Andrei

    Community manager

    I am a telecom student passionate about empowering them with knowledge about market research, business planning, and financial management, to help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in the business world. I also feel that a foundation in entrepreneurship can help students identify opportunities and take calculated risks in their personal and professional lives.

  • Alessia-Georgiana Borăscu

    Social media administrator

    As a second year Digital Media student, I'm interested in combining visual arts and technology. Outside of university and volunteer work, I enjoy doing illustrations, mixing different medias to create art and I’m passionate about film.

  • Victor Hălăciugă

    Video editor

    As a video marketing expert, I specialize in business growth through video content and work closely with creative and technical teams to develop high-quality video materials that represent brand values and attract customers.

  • Diana Ormenișan


    I am a civil engineer passionate about interior design and copywriting. With experience in the economic sector of civil engineering, I thrive on finding solutions and perfecting details. Creating inspiring spaces and presenting captivating ideas are my superpowers. I blend creativity and precision to bring innovation to every project, spreading joy and making a positive impact.

  • Mihai Rădulescu

    Web Developer

    I love helping businesses crush it online. When I'm not working to create cool digital solutions, you can find me out in nature, geeking out over the latest sci-fi flick, or getting lost in a fascinating audiobook. For me, it's all about combining my passion for technology with building great relationships.

  • Leonte Claudiu-Mihai

    Video editor

    I am a medical engineering student passionate about entrepreneurship, social media, teamwork, and innovation. I aim to advance healthcare by creating innovative solutions and collaborating with others, while staying connected to industry trends. Through social networks, I want to help as many people as possible stay correctly informed in this field.

  • Andrei-Bogdan Capătă

    Video editor

    Third-year student at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, pursuing a bachelor’s in Automated Control. Passionate about programming and solving real-world problems. Mentor for a high school robotics FTC team. Co-founder of POV21 Marketing. Enjoys photography and playing guitar for balance. Committed to making a positive impact through innovation and education.

  • Cristian Mihaila

    Video editor

    With 2 years of expertise in video editing for a global e-commerce company and over 5 years as a freelancer, I bring intuitive, detail-oriented skills to every project. Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and more, I excel in color correction and sound design. Skilled in managing multiple projects concurrently, I foster collaborative environments essential for team-based success.

Our valuable brand ambassadors

Meet some of our inspiring community drivers who’ve been where you are and achieved amazing things. We're excited to have them as part of our mission and to share their journeys and perspectives with you. 📢

  • Borzos Gabriel-Alin

    Real Estate Research Specialist

    Currently a real estate researcher for a U.S.-based company, I previously played a pivotal role in scaling a startup from its inception to a team of five employees, successfully handling a significant workload.

  • Andrei Cristian Turcu

    Trainer UI/UX design & co-founder @panorender

    With a career dedicated to innovation in information technology, I have specialized in developing advanced software solutions, with a particular focus on UI/UX design and interactive virtual tours.

  • Alin Cîndea

    Business Success Manager at Logiscool

    I am a Business Success Manager at Logiscool, working closely with 15 franchisees to help them grow their businesses. I am passionate about technology and volunteering.

  • Bota Alin-Alexandru

    Group And Financial Manager

    I lead a team of five in financial planning, investment strategies, retirement planning, and mortgage optimization. Extroverted and passionate about fitness and networking, I welcome new connections. Reach out anytime!

  • Nicoleta Ungur

    Founder & CEO, Snoter

    Software engineer, entrepreneur, and all-around tech enthusiast with a strong passion for innovation. Active member in the vibrant startup ecosystem for 6+ years, constantly embracing the many lessons learned from success and failures, always striving to enrich my professional and personal growth.

  • Alexandru Turdean

    Founder & CEO, BrainFill

    Innovative tech leader in project management and solutions architecture, and a National Olympiad gold medalist. At BrainFill, I use GenAI to develop tools that enhance STEM education.

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