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September 14-20, 2024

Customized program for youth and aspiring minds.

Why Attend

Learn from successful entrepreneurs

Learn from the best trainers everything you need to know about launching a successful startup

Making an impact

Share your ideas with other creative and ambitious young people

Open talks

Engage in open discussions with well known IT leaders and successful entrepreneurs

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Transformation Process

Building the next generation of tech entrepreneurs in Romania


Unlock new horizons every day with captivating, focused, and specialized training sessions on Idea Validation, Business Model, Marketing, Financing, and Pitching.


The whole bootcamp’s activities encourage teamwork and communication. You will have ‘hands on deck’ sessions with your colleagues in order to put the trainings into practice, developing your business idea.

Guest talks

Seize the opportunity to engage in direct conversations, to learn from renowned IT leaders and accomplished entrepreneurs.


Wrap up each day with a captivating social event, offering a perfect blend of networking, relaxation, and pure fun. Strengthen relationships, recharge, and create lasting connections.

What We Look For

The following criteria will be considered during the recruitment process.

Vision and Knowledge

We are interested in hearing about your vision and insights on various topics covered during the interview process. Show us your passion for technology and your understanding of its impact on the world.

Practical Challenge

Demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and creativity by tackling the practical challenge we will provide. This is your opportunity to showcase your hands-on skills and resourcefulness.

Tech Experience

While prior experience in the tech industry is not mandatory, we appreciate candidates with some exposure to the field. Let us know about any projects, internships, or relevant experiences you have had.

Entrepreneurial Perspective

Share your thoughts on entrepreneurship and how you envision yourself contributing to the startup ecosystem. Your innovative ideas and drive for success will be valued.

Teamwork Orientation

Entrepreneurship often involves collaboration and teamwork. Tell us about your experiences working with others and your ability to thrive in a team environment.

Desire for Learning and Growth

A thirst for knowledge and continuous development is crucial for success. Convey your eagerness to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

* We want to ensure that the bootcamp remains accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, we offer a limited number of partial scholarships.

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Prepare to showcase your potential as we challenge you to test your entrepreneurial skills.

Your Gateway to Success

The spotlight awaits! Our team will reach out to schedule an exciting online interview, where you’ll be closer to joining our ‘one of a kind’ program.

The Countdown to Greatness

If you manage to captivate us with your passion and ideas, get ready for the big news. We’ll personally notify you of your selection and give you further details.

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation included at Pensiunea Poarta Apusenilor.
  • Meals

    Three meals per day, coffee and snack breaks included.
  • Materials

    All the materials you will need for the event activities.
  • Resources

    Necessary resources will be provided.
  • Full access

    Access to #defineSchool community.
  • Community

    Access to social evenings and networking events.


  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Materials
  • Resources
  • Full access
  • Community
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Ready for a new challenge?

Legendary Speakers

Read on to learn about some of our past speakers

  • Andrei Dudoiu

    Co-Founder & CEO @ SeedBlink

    After 20 years of banking, Andrei started a new life journey in 2018, willing to build new experiences, developing his skills and autonomy as an entrepreneur and support the innovation ecosystem.

  • Ana Maria Udrişte

    Founder @ Avocatoo

    Ana-Maria Udriște is not only an entrepreneur, but a lawyer as well. In 2016, she left founded Avocatoo, a platform for legal services where clients can find a specialized lawyers, molded to their needs and with a fixed cost.

  • Adrian Pica

    Co-founder @

    Passionate about internet start-ups, product focused, social media, digital advertising, sales, on-line and off-line marketing and experienced manager. He co-founded 2 companies (Oblico and 150sec). Experienced entrepreneur and marketer.

  • Daniel Tămaș

    Co-Founder & CEO @ WAM

    Daniel is the CEO of WAM and believes in blockchain tech. His impact varies from engineering to design, business development, sales and marketing to heading the R&D department in companies with more than 7 figures in revenue.

  • Gina Lupu

    Co-CEO & Founder @ Wolfpack Digital

    Gina Lupu, CEO and Founder of Wolfpack Digital, a digital agency with a team of 50+ based in Cluj covering powerful web and mobile products start-to-end.

  • Antonio Eram


    He was actively involved in the Romanian Internet and Telecom business. In 2003 he co-founded NETOPIA. With a branch in Silicon Valley, is Romania’s premier mobile marketing and payments provider.

  • Sandu Băbăşan

    CEO @ Blugento

    Sandu Băbăşan, an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in IT, he is currently CEO of Blugento, a SaaS eCommerce, launched in 2016.

  • Tudi Ciuleanu

    CEO at RebelDot

    Driving innovation and growth, he founded RebelDot 6 years ago, propelling it to become one of the fastest-growing IT services companies in the region.

Success Stories & Testimonials

As each edition, eventually, comes to an end, our alumni share their experience and afterthoughts.

  • "It's not the kind of event where you get bored listening to uncharismatic speakers, scrolling through your phone to pass the time."

    Carp Ionut
    participant 2018
  • Triliada is a start-up that aims to connect high school students with university students to provide them with valuable insights and guidance when choosing their future academic path. They do this through mentorship sessions, events with different students, vocational questionnaires and summarized information about universities.

    The week I spent at #defineSchool was incredible. Not only did I make new connections with wonderful individuals, but it also boosted my motivation.
    Oana Durcau
    Co-founder & CEO, participant 2019

    Nutriento is a company that goes beyond mere food; it is dedicated to nourishing and energizing your body with the right resources, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

    At Nutriento, they envision a world where leading a healthy lifestyle is the standard, and they are committed to making that vision a reality.

    #defineSchool was an essential experience in my evolution as an entrepreneur, providing me with the knowledge, inspiration, and connections necessary to develop my vision and entrepreneurial skills.
    I wholeheartedly recommend #defineSchool because it offers a unique platform for learning and development, preparing the future leaders.
    Virgil Ciobota
    Co-founder Nutriento, participant 2018

    Your Performance Lab is an innovative startup leveraging AI to harness personalized data from an array of devices including smartwatches, trackers, and medical devices. By using its Buddy AI, YPL delivers insightful health metrics and tailored fitness and diet plans, optimizing health, performance, vibrancy, and longevity

    The platform doesn’t just connect multiple devices — it brings together and makes sense of all their data. As users’ lives evolve, so does the YPL ecosystem, helping reduce illness risk and improve quality of life.

    #defineSchool – the core of initiation into the world of startups. It has exponentially enhanced and refined my knowledge and perspective, ultimately fueling the desire and motivation to create something unique.
    Alex Bodea
    Co-founder & CTO, participant 2018
  • "I was blown away by how much I learned, surpassing all my expectations."

    Camelia Crisan
    participant 2020
  • "It's a game-changer!"

    Gabi Tanul
    participant 2022
  • "#defineSchool is the coolest place for networking because it brings together young individuals passionate about starting an IT business."

    Adelina Andronache
    participant 2020
  • "I've always had ideas, but I didn't know how to bring them to life. However, attending #defineSchool completely changed my perspective on them."

    Eliza Botea
    participant 2022
  • Ideafy is a startup whose mission is to empower NGOs with the resources they need to create a positive impact while enabling companies to make a difference in their communities. Ideafy offers a user-friendly platform that connects organizations with companies eager to provide financial support, surplus products, employee volunteering, and more.

    #defineSchool was the perfect boost for Ideafy, helping build the foundation for this idea that proved its potential time after time
    Denisa Filip
    Co-founder, participant 2022
    #defineSchool bootcamp was one of the main catalysts that turned an idea into a validated product, ready to have a positive impact.
    Răzvan Giurgiu
    Co-founder, participant 2021
    #defineSchool is the gateway to the entrepreneurial world by putting the basis to your entrepreneurial thinking
    Andrei Csatlos
    Co-founder, participant 2022

    About #defineSchool

    #defineSchool first took place in 2015 and was created because at that time, there was no other accessible, out of the ordinary school for future tech entrepreneurs in Romania.

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      Success Stories

    Our valuable brand ambassadors

    Meet some of our inspiring community drivers who’ve been where you are and achieved amazing things. We're excited to have them as part of our mission and to share their journeys and perspectives with you. 📢

    • Borzos Gabriel-Alin

      Real Estate Research Specialist

      Currently a real estate researcher for a U.S.-based company, I previously played a pivotal role in scaling a startup from its inception to a team of five employees, successfully handling a significant workload.

    • Andrei Cristian Turcu

      Trainer UI/UX design & co-founder @panorender

      With a career dedicated to innovation in information technology, I have specialized in developing advanced software solutions, with a particular focus on UI/UX design and interactive virtual tours.

    • Alin Cîndea

      Business Success Manager at Logiscool

      I am a Business Success Manager at Logiscool, working closely with 15 franchisees to help them grow their businesses. I am passionate about technology and volunteering.

    • Bota Alin-Alexandru

      Group And Financial Manager

      I lead a team of five in financial planning, investment strategies, retirement planning, and mortgage optimization. Extroverted and passionate about fitness and networking, I welcome new connections. Reach out anytime!

    • Nicoleta Ungur

      Founder & CEO, Snoter

      Software engineer, entrepreneur, and all-around tech enthusiast with a strong passion for innovation. Active member in the vibrant startup ecosystem for 6+ years, constantly embracing the many lessons learned from success and failures, always striving to enrich my professional and personal growth.

    • Alexandru Turdean

      Founder & CEO, BrainFill

      Innovative tech leader in project management and solutions architecture, and a National Olympiad gold medalist. At BrainFill, I use GenAI to develop tools that enhance STEM education.

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