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The experience I had with you and the speakers has been above expectations. Thanks to the team, I am grateful for your hard work and for putting together this event of immeasurable caliber. I use this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful success you have brought in our hearts.

Sasa Chereja


I don’t regret for one moment that I came all the way from Bucharest to be a part of this event. Thank you for a productive week, for the opportunity of meeting great people […] it was and it will be an unforgettable week. I went back home filled with positive energy, lots of ideas and new information.

Badea Florentina


Simply awesome! I learned a lot of new things that I hope to put to good use as soon as possible.

Canta Danut


Congratulations for the organization of this program! This event has managed to change my perception and give me a whole new perception on certain things. Congratulations on the initiative and organization!

Diaconu Eduard



With #defineSchool we want to help create the next generation of tech entrepreneurs for Romania!

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